Backpack Feeding

Fighting Hunger!

The Backpack Feeding Program provides free weekend meals to children enrolled in the United States Department of Agriculture National School Lunch Program’s Free or Reduced Price School Meals.  Local area schools distribute food every Friday school is in session.  Food is also distributed during the summer at feeding sites.

Interested in volunteering, packing bags, fund raising or helping in another way, please contact:
Steven DelVitto
FOCUS Pittsburgh
Backpack Feeding Program Manager
Phone: 412-475-8125

What’s in a Bag?

There is enough food for two (2) breakfasts, two (2) dinners, two (2) lunches, three (3) piece of fresh fruit, fruit juice and several snack items, including:

Two (2) packages of Ramen Noodles, two (2) packages instant oatmeal, one (1) red apple, one (1) yellow apple and one (1) orange. one (1) Easy-Mac Cup, one (1) Microwaveable ravioli or Chef Boyardee item, one (1) single serve breakfast cereal, one (1) granola or cereal bar, one (1) Nugo Brand Protein Bar (chocolate or vanilla), juice box, package of fruit snacks, single serve snack crackers, single serve applesauce or fruit cup.

For information on enrolling in the Backpack feeding program, contact your child’s school social worker or teachers.  Read more about applying by clicking here.