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Look for the Light On the Hill:  Everywhere

The Light on the Hill Celebration Gala
6:30 PM – Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Senator John J. Heinz History Center

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
6:30 PM – Thursday, December 8, 2016

St. George’s Orthodox Cathedral (Oakland)

Christmas at FOCUS
Friday, December 16, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Become a Hope Giver:

Help provide a stable foundation for FOCUS Pittsburgh

Your role in FOCUS Pittsburgh’s inner city ministry is so vital to keeping Christ present now and in the future.  Satisfying basic human needs for food, clothing, jobs, housing, understanding, and health care, is part of a life-changing healing process—one that can lead to self-sufficiency and actualization.  FOCUS Pittsburgh’s mission in this work begins with you and others like you.  Together we can liberate the most vulnerable and at-risk in our society by rebuilding: one life and one block at a time.   Your recurring donation reduces costs.  A predictable monthly income improves planning and resources allocation.  We need you!  To make a recurring donation to FOCUS Pittsburgh, click here:  DONATE, select an amount and check the box that says:  “I want to make a donation each month.”

2016 Impact January – Juneseptember-nl-picture

Clinic Volunteers:  Simply Amazing

Our list of volunteer healthcare professionals continues to grow.  We are blessed to have such an extraordinary group and are so thankful for their contributions.  Rocco Adams, MD, Medical Director; Irene Zervos, MD, Primary Care Physician; David Rottinghaus, MD, Primary Care Physician; Diane Karnavas, DMD, Dental Director; George Bellios, DMD, Dental Director; John Moraca, MD, OBGYN; Gregory Thorkelson, MD, Psychiatrist; Todd Hertzberg, MD, Consultant; Thomas McClure, MD; Consultant; Matthew Walsh, PhD, Counselor; Jessica Vannucci, BSN, RN, Registered Nurse; Katherine Pyros, BSN, MSN, RN, Registered Nurse; Deborah Fekos, OT, Occupational Therapist; Katherine Mitchell, RD, CSO, LDN, Dietician; Chris Antypas, PharmD, Consultant; Ken Glick, PharmD, Consultant; Terri Kroh, PharmD, Consultant; Valerie Watzlaf, PhD, Consultant.

In the News:  Trauma-informed Community Development

In June, FOCUS Pittsburgh conducted its first 2900 Webster Avenue block meeting, kicking off the initial phase of its Trauma-informed Community Development project.  To learn more about this project, read Diana Nelson Jones’ article in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Please click here.


StarKist Feeding the Children

In May, StarKist® announced it was joining forces with Feed the Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending child hunger.  Feed the Children believes that it can create a world where no child goes to bed hungry.  As part of the program, StarKist teamed up with Feed the Children to conduct four community events throughout 2016.  This partnership kicked off in Pittsburgh, PA (StarKist’s hometown). on Wednesday, May 11.  StarKist and Feed the Children collaborated with FOCUS Pittsburgh to hold a community-fair style event where a truckload of food, essentials, StarKist products and more were distributed to pre-registered attendees.13221525_983474721774001_4745247814561801013_n
StarKist Co. is a food company that is focused on healthy, shelf-stable seafood products in the United States. An industry innovator, StarKist Co. is a subsidiary of the Dongwon Group. 

Sowing and Growing

Our Backpack Feeding Program

In this video, see how FOCUS, The Greater Pittsburgh Foodbank and The Pittsburgh Pirates are teaming up to fight hunger

FOCUS+Pittsburgh’s Backpack Program Manager
Steven DelVitto

Interested in volunteering, packing bags, fund raising or helping in another way, please contact:

Steven DelVitto
FOCUS Pittsburgh
Backpack Feeding Program Manager

 Phone: 412-475-8125






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