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Free Health Center Welcomes Patients. . .


FOCUS+Pittsburgh’s Free Health Center is now accepting patients at 2228 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.  The Center is booked for medical health appointments through August. The patient list grows on a daily basis thus there is a desperate need for primary and mental health care in the neighborhood. In order to reduce the wait for patients, we are in need of volunteer doctors, nurses, and specialty health professionals (to help us complete the follow-up for our patients).  Learn how to support the Center’s development, become involved as a medical professional volunteer, become a donor and the need by clicking on the following links:  Free Health Center Information and The Need.

Amazing. . .

Apollo Ridge Middle School Leo’s Club Does it Again!!!

Apollo Ridge

Pictured above:  Left – Apollo Ridge Middle School Leo’s Club members at Spaghetti Dinner.  Right – Paul Abernathy, FOCUS Director; Joyce Yuvetich, Leo’s Club Advisor; and Kristina Elias, Clinic Administrator.

On Thursday, April 3, 2014 – Apollo Ridge Middle School Leo’s Club (Joyce Yuvetich, Advisor) held their second Spaghetti Dinner to benefit FOCUS + Pittsburgh’s Backpack Feeding Program.  Paul Abernathy, Director; Kristina Elias, Clinic Administrator; Sherelle Taliafero, and staff volunteers Daryl Williams and Marianne Carmack dropped buy to support their efforts.  On behalf of her students, Mrs. Yuvetich personally delivered  a check for $2,300.00, more than doubling last year’s contribution of $1,050.00 (Total:  $3,350.00).  An outstanding effort from a group of very special young people! The spaghetti was good, too. (Visit our April/May 2013 Post to read more about the Leo’s Club).

Food is always on our mind. . .

During the summer months its tough to keep our Emergency Food Bank stocked to meet the growing needs of the community.  It’s also a perfect time for your organization to sponsor a Wednesday Night Community Dinner.  Food continues to be a FOCUS + Pittsburgh priority.  So, please help us!

Summer.Fall Food

Looking Forward to your visit. . .

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Youth Ministry
High School Mission Trip

Mission Trip

ANNUAL REPORTAll things are possible . . .

2013 Annual Report

FOCUS North America’s 2013 Annual Report is now available.  Take a few minutes to read the report and think about how you would like to help grow and support the Fellowship.  Many share Brian Gerich’s, our Chairman, sentiments who stated in the report:  “Reflecting on 2013, I am humbled by the growth of this ministry. Through God’s grace, we had a remarkable year. We more than tripled our revenue over 2012, allowing us to reach more men, women and children than ever before. As I traveled across the country visiting FOCUS Centers, one thing was plainly clear: our work is not “ours”. It is the work of communities—of the people we serve and passionate, committed volunteers and donors who make this ministry possible.”


2013 FOCUS + Pittsburgh

We couldn’t do it without you (Click on the picture to enlarge.). . .


advAdvisory Board Elects New Chair. . .

Michael Sider-Rose, Ph.D. has been elected Chair of FOCUS + Pittsburgh’s Advisory Board for 2014-2015 He is a member of the Faculty and Director of Programs for CORO Pittsburgh.

Michael grew up in Philadelphia, where he had visions of becoming the next Mike Schmidt even though his little-league slugging percentage never reached triple digits. After college, he settled in Pittsburgh for a Ph.D. program in History. Eight years later Michael emerged from the library with a completed dissertation on religion and politics in post-WWII America.  Keen to link the academy and the community, he then took a position with Chicago Semester, an off-campus, experiential learning program.  He worked there from 2000-2006 and enjoyed it so much that he decided to create a similar venture in Pittsburgh as part of a The Pittsburgh Project.  Michael was Director of Pittsburgh Semester from 2007 through 2008.  In January of 2009, he joined Coro Pittsburgh, where he now serves as Director of Programs.  He designs curricula, develops new programs, trains and facilitates in programs, oversees internal efforts to develop the training capacity of staff, and spearheads customized projects.  In his spare time, Michael enjoys moving (running, hiking), not moving (reading, seeing plays), and sampling food from around the globe (the perfect balance of moving and not moving).  Michael has the great privilege of being married to Randi and father to Ana, Molli, and Eliza.

Words That Really Count. . .

MrKFrom a patient:

What has the Focus free healthcare clinic meant to me?  In a word—everything. Having health coverage means that I’m not caught in between the scary bridge of not being able to obtain my medication for my asthma and being able to cross that bridge by knowing that there are organizations like FOCUS that have my back. At my current age it’s imperative that I have health coverage because you can never know when some nagging ailment or hereditary-related malady will show its face—that’s scary.  FOCUS has given me that safety net  that I need.  Thank God for FOCUS.  Amen!! Mr. Kim Platt


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    Joanne Jamis Cain said:
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    Nice job Marianne! Thank you for your service! xo Joanne

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